Korea Art & Crafts in La Vallée Village

Korea Art & Crafts meet Paris affluent-customers

In 2016 an exhibition in La Vallée Village’s Art Gallery was organised to feature seven Korean Artists and to showcase the rich diversity of their art, and as such promoting Korean Culture to a large and relevant audience.
La Vallée Village, a Luxury Shopping Destination near Paris, had then reached the remarkable position of 3rd most visited leisure and culture destination around Paris with 6 million visitors annually, right after Disneyland Paris and Domaine de Versailles.
Organising this exhibition was thus a fantastic opportunity to offer international visibility to these artists and promote Korea as a cultural destination to La Vallée Village’s highly sophisticated and affluent shopping guests.
The aim of this collective exhibition was to celebrate Korean heritage and demonstrate how artistic and crafts values are shared from generation to generation through a very modern and pioneering approach.
From Photography and Sculpture to Ceramics, Art and Fashion, several artistic and crafts universe were represented.

The Artists exhibited in La Vallée Village’s Art Gallery were:

Chang-ki CHUNG // Photographer
Mun-gi YANG // Sculptor
Ido PARK // Painter
Sun-young PARK // Ceramist
Haäm // Design and Metalwork Artists
Lie SANG-BONG // Fashion Designer

Ceramics from Sun-young PARK
Sun-young PARK revisits techniques and traditional patterns of blue and white porcelain from the Chosun era to create contemporary designs. She crafts tableware items, which are both very personal and intimate. The blue pigments she uses to create her objects are made by the artist herself in the traditional way.

(Cover picture: Chang-ki CHUNG)

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