Oh! INDIGO, Blue Moods of Asia

A single word with such power, welcoming a thousand images and setting us off on a journey, in the Indigo blue of Asia: that of the tumultuous oceans, of the sky at night when stars twinkle, the colour of the hands that soak the fabrics in the vat, in the dazzling white when it comes to meet it, in the smiling face of Vishnu, in that of the artists who throw large, impetuous strokes on the canvas, in the blue cities that shine...

Indigo, a colour, a dye, a spirit. A whole world of blue, which, from India to Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Bhutan and Korea in particular, unites Asia in the same quest for beauty and invites on a trip, to the Blue Moods.

Oh! INDIGO. From August 22 to October 4, 2022, Atelier Ikiwa dives into indigo for its first major thematic campaign: 6 weeks exclusively dedicated to this colour, Blue Moods in search of beauty and wonder.

For this journey into the blue lands of Asia we will feature inspiration boards, a thematic creative workshop, collaborations, a small selection of contemporary Asian crafts that magnify the different tones of indigo, stories and explanations to discover further, travel notebooks, highlights of Asian artisans and artists who put blue at the heart of their creative process, and of course, always, our work around photography and words.

A new creative and editorial direction for Atelier Ikiwa, punctuating the year with varied and exciting themes, taking the time to discover and share, always with the aim of celebrating art-de-vivre from Asia and helping to preserve its crafts.

Thank you for coming along on these adventures, and for the next 6 weeks, may you enjoy your trip to the heart of blue from Asia !

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