Small black urushi lacquer and maki-e box, cho ni fuji (butterfly and wisteria) motif


An exceptionally beautiful black Japanese urushi lacquer small box, with deep lacquer inside and out, made by the craftsmen of Yamada Heiando, a famous century-old Tokyo firm and official supplier of lacquered objects to the Imperial Court.

Its motif, cho ni fuji (butterfly and wisteria), was hand-painted using the maki-e technique, an extremely delicate application of powder and gold paint. Mother-of-pearl inlays were also placed on the tips of the butterfly's antennas.

It was designed by Yamada Heiando's craftsmen as an incense box, but it can also hold small precious objects (small jewelry for example).

On the base of the box, the Yamada Heiando logo stamped in gold certifies its origin.

Please note there is only one available.


Diameter 7,5cm - Height 2cm. 1 lid (diameter 7,5cm, height 1cm) and 1 base (diameter 7,5cm and height 1cm)

TECHNICAL DATA Urushi lacquer, maki-e (paint and gold powder), mother-of-pearl, hand painted decoration

The traditional Japanese lacquer, urushi, is made from the sap of the lacquer tree (Rhus Verniciflua), which flows out after incision of the bark. It is a very precious material, a tree will only give a maximum of 200ml of sap in its life, which is worked by craftsmen each specialized in a particular stage. It takes many slow and meticulous operations to give life to lacquered objects. It is the oldest craft in Japan! Initially used to protect and waterproof objects, this immutable craft has become an art of extreme sophistication. If you want to know more about the art of Japanese lacquerware, you can read our dedicated articles in the "Inspirations" section of our website.

This object keeps in memory the hand of the craftsman who designed it with patience. It will accompany your daily life, bringing its delicate and refined beauty, while contributing to the preservation of unique craftsmanship.

This selection of lacquerware comes from my personal collection, from pieces found in craftsmen's stores or beautiful boutiques during my travels in Japan.

Each box will be carefully protected by an ecru cotton furoshiki on which is printed the Atelier Ikiwa emblem flower.

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CARE INSTRUCTIONS Clean with a very soft cloth to avoid scratches, soaked with a little warm water if necessary (never soak your lacquered objects). No microwave, dishwasher, dryer. Do not expose to direct sunlight for a long time (risk of discoloration). If the atmosphere is very dry and very hot, and to avoid the risk of cracking, you can place a glass filled with water next to your lacquered object.

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The shipping costs are calculated and added during the finalization of the basket.

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