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The Hand

Craft, the strength of the hand.

The slow and patient rhythm of the artisan's hand brings timelessness to things made, and an extra soul.

The Heart

ethical and responsible consumption

In a changing world, craftsmanship gives meaning to our actions, and preserving know-how by transcending their borders is our raison d'être.

The Reflection

Successful narrative and business-driver

Craftsmanship is a powerful soft-power tool, which brings differentiation and sincerity, and an inexhaustible source of inspiration.


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Atelier Ikiwa

AN AGENCY and communication, with a deliberately non-generalist positioning, which has a taste for beauty without ostentation, for quality, for detail, and a wide openness to the world, its diversity and complexity.

...which puts to music the slowness of craft, of responsible consumption, of the valorization of know-how, with the speed and the quality of execution aiming at generating business opportunities.


Let's discuss your projects, our achievements, and what we could do together to promote crafts and artisans.

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