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Kyōto, shadow and light

For its new campaign Atelier Ikiwa declares its love for Kyōto, a city like no other, a dive into its contemporary and traditional craftsmanship, a new selection of precious objects, our inspirations and our favourites.


Natsume: lacquer, gold, and tea ceremony

The beauty of exceptional Japanese craftsmanship is concentrated in a single object that fits in the palm of your hand: urushi lacquer and gold makie decor. This object is a natsume.
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In praise of shadow

In Japan, beauty is all about light: indirect, diffused, attenuated, precarious, transformed by the "obstacles" it encounters along the way.

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There's the idea of the impermanence of beauty: things fade, spoil and deteriorate, which doesn't make them any less beautiful, but brings us a diffuse nostalgia.

Mono no aware is about being troubled by the imperfect beauty of the things and objects we surround ourselves with, a tender, melancholy feeling.

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Tea Rooms

For a short or long break, these addresses are among our favorites in Kyōto

Tearoom Toka

To the east of the Imperial Palace, a magnificent gallery (Nichi Nichi) in an old machiya, and its sublime adjoining teahouse (Toka).

Kaikado Café

Contemporary and warm, a café/tea room designed by Yagi san, the 6th generation of copper tea can makers.


A place to experience Japanese tea in a different way: a contemporary ceremonial in a setting of great purity.

Umezono Sabo

A confidential address with charm, delicious pastries and exceptional service. Need we say more?


Away from the usual circuits (but we'll take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Mitate florist next door), this is a unique, magical hybrid place, like stardust!


One of Kyōto's oldest teahouses (along with its neighbor across the street, Ichimonjiya Tea House) but curiously not really known to tourists, so keep the secret to yourself!