Crafts Value Creation

We believe Crafts and Artisans from Asia have a meaningful and powerful role to play in our fast-changing environment, bringing resonance, differentiation, ethic and positive influence on how Tourism Destinations and Retailers position themselves to gain renewed interest and high value traffic from a qualified French audience.
A Strong Social Impact
  1. Keeping revenue in local communities,
  2. Helping Crafts techniques preservation and transmission from generations to generations
  3. Limit intermediaries while maintaining a “made in” and “made by hand”culture 
Promote Responsible Tourism
  1. Limit mass tourism by spreading visitors across the territories,
  2. Promote a slower tourism of low volume but high value, in close contact with local communities.
  3. Renew Tourism opportunities and emotions, while bringing awareness to lesser-known facets of a country.
  4. Train and educate tourists by participating in local Crafts activities, helping bridge cultural gaps and better understanding.
 Engage in Ethical Buying
  1. Renew retail offering through lesser-known product categories.
  2. Introduce products that are trackable, sustainable, ethical, at the right price.
  3. Promote smaller volumes, higher perceived value purchasing habits
  4. Educate customers on products, how things are made, where they are coming from.
  5. Nurture collaborations in between brands and artisans, helping develop new techniques and new product ranges. 
While Making Sense Business-Wise
  1. Move away from clutter, differentiate your brand (whether you are a Destination or a Retailer)
  2. Promote projects that are inclusive and varied, attracting renewed interest and traffic, with relevancy and strong talking-pieces, helping you gain momentum and a strong share-of-voice
  3. Create new business opportunities that fit with a more conscious and sustainable approach whilst also being relevant to customers’ needs and new desires
A guide in French to Kyoto's crafts and design addresses